The Leading Data Intelligence Tool for Talent Acquisition

Data becomes Impact

The leading Data Intelligence tool for Talent Acquisition.

Unveil, Analyze and Optimize your Recruitment Strategy.

Take control of your data and bring to light an actionable analysis for your Talent Acquisition strategy.

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Employers have trouble filling jobs in due time – or at all.


Fortune500 companies say attracting talent is their biggest challange.


HR leaders agree that technology tools helps engage people and prevent retention.


HR managers say that Data Analytics & AI is extremly important.

Many HR organisations and leaders are witnessing issues with...

Multiple Systems & Integrations

Trying to connect all data from multiple systems and multiple spreadsheets.

Difficulty in sorting relevant data

What to prioritize, how to save, what to measure? Not to mention the manual labour trying to gather all data into one place!

How to make sense of the data

Struggling to grasp data and find answers to critical questions.

Introducing Talytic One

A powerful data intelligence tool, created for Talent Acquisition leaders looking for One source of Truth

What Talytic can offer in one single platform is revolutionary for us as a company! After seeing the solution, it feels like such an obvious part of Talent Acquisition that it feels strange that it hasn't always been around. Talytic is the tool we've been waiting for without even realizing it!

Based on the insights from the platform, we can save time and money while finding out what creates quality and focusing on that.
Sarah Söder
Employer Branding Specialist

Measure Results

Be in full control of you KPI:s and reach your goals.

Gain critical insights

Unveal what is working and not working.

Attract more talent

Optimize your talent marketing and attract more talent.

Earn millions

Insights for making smarter decisions.

Talytic aims to help HR organisations hire more
and qualified talent, faster

Unleash your Talent Acquisition potential

Take control of your data and create opportunity for growth.