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At Talytic, we use Advanced Data Analytics and AI capabilities to generate unique and actionable insights into recruitment financials and operations.

Our solutions empower our clients to enhance recruitment efficiency, reduce costs, and boost profitability.

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Employers have trouble filling jobs in due time – or at all.


Fortune500 companies say attracting talent is their biggest challange.


HR leaders agree that technology tools helps engage people and prevent retention.


HR managers say that Data Analytics & AI is extremly important.

Recruitment faces multiple challenges...

Limited Financial Insight

Even though recruitment costs are estimated to be more than $50 000 per hire, most companies don’t have any detailed insights into why and where these costs are generated or how to reduce them.

Lack of Data-Driven Decision Making

Recruiters often are forced to make decisions based on instinct as they lack access to tools that can extract meaningful and actionable insights from their data.

Inefficient Use of Resources

Without precise data analytics, companies might spend more time, effort, and money on recruitment processes that aren't delivering optimal results.

Talytic is transforming these challenges into opportunities.

Introducing Talytic One

A powerful HR-Tech software solution for Leaders, Recruiters, and Controllers within Talent Acquisition looking for One Source of Truth

Optimize Financials

Reduce cost per hire and increase overall profitability

Boost Operations

Get control of your Key Performance Indicators and how to improve them

Recruit Smarter

Understand the effectiveness of different recruitment strategies.

Predict Outcomes

Be aware of estimated recruitment costs and risks beforehand.

What Talytic can offer in one single platform is revolutionary for us as a company! After seeing the solution, it feels like such an obvious part of Talent Acquisition that it feels strange that it hasn't always been around. Talytic is the tool we've been waiting for without even realizing it!

Based on the insights from the platform, we can save time and money while finding out what creates quality and focusing on that.
Sarah Söder
Employer Branding Specialist

Talytic’s vision is to revolutionize Talent Acquisition using Data Analytics and Artificial intelligence.

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