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At Talytic we’re committed to reshaping HR through cutting-edge technology and insightful analytics. Our suite of People Analytics solutions empowers businesses to unlock the true potential of their workforce.

Aggregate and consolidate your HR and Financial data.

Predict your success and increase overall efficiency.

Take your workforce strategies into the future of automation and AI.


Of Fortune500 companies say attracting talent is their biggest challenge.


Of Managers say they have all of the data they need to make good people decisions.


More than 50% of companies still find it challenging to to extract actionable insights from data.

Unveil powerful analytics and recruit smarter while keeping it cost efficient 

Talytic empowers you to address your significant workforce challenges today. Below, you will find case studies of client projects and the outcomes Talytic has successfully delivered.

Recruitment marketing tracking and analytics

Desired effect
Increase qualified applicants per position by 200%

Implementation of tracking and pixel solution on your career page and integrated with Google Analytics.

Data quality assurance and GDPR-compliant.

Talytic tracks all ROI and efficiency gains per channel, and provides a custom built dashboard for quick insights.

External supplier cost analysis and reduction

Desired effect
40% reduction of external supplier costs

Analysis of current cost allocation and supplier need.

Cost reduction and budget efficiency strategy.

Change management project to increase internal impact.

Automate the repetitive parts of recruitment processes

Desired effect
70% gain in internal recruitment productivity

Remake of HR-tech structure and stack towards automation.

Solution implementation - Talytic handles the technical migration from existing systems to better solutions.

Monitor efficiency KPIs implemented in an interactive dashboard.

Reduce Turnover, Retain Talent with Strategic Insights

Desired effect
25 % improvement on retention

Empower managers to retain top talent by exploring key drivers of turnover.

Target strategies where they matters most.

Talytics interfaces with your existing systems and provides a dashboard for quick insights.


What do industry leaders say

“A big problem for us in the recruitment industry today is how we combine our sales data with our recruitment data, leveraging insights into our own margins and how we can make our processes as efficient as possible, benefiting both us and our end customers. This is exactly what Talytic has captured in a fantastic way in their product and services, which is why we chose to become one of their first customers."
- Susanne Hjälmared, CEO, Nexer Recruit
“What Talytic can offer in one single platform is revolutionary for us as a company! Afterseeing the solution, it feels like such an obvious part of TA that it feels strange that it hasn’t always been around. Talytic is the tool we’ve been waiting for without even realizing it”
– Sarah Söder, Employer Branding Specialist, Stora Enso

How it works

Our analytics solutions provide comprehensive tracking and analysis, allowing you to identify inefficiencies and optimize spending.

from data integrations to custom data models, leads to actionable insights

1. Data integration

Talytic fuses essential data from your ATS, CRM, and HRIS and other business systems. By enhancing this data with AI and Machine Learning, we ensure comprehensive and complete datasets, ready for intelligent analysis.

2. Customized Data Modeling

Our advanced data models are crafted with precision to meet your unique organizational needs. Utilizing deep HR expertise and advanced analytics, we streamline the path to clean, organized, and actionable data.

3. Gain actionable insights

Talytic delivers customized reports and dashboards, offering actionable insights from a centralized source of truth. Our experts provide guidance in interpreting these results, ensuring alignment with your unique organizational requirements.

Achieve one single source of truth with less effort

Talytic helps you become a more data-driven organisation, utilizing AI and the latest technology.

Before Talytic

Limited insight in decision-making. Decision making is either constrained by lack of data-insight or decision processes are slow or delayed.

Data Management Hassles. Data integration can escalate into large-scale costly IT projects.

Metrics that you need to define and calculate yourself.

Many sources of truth due to data remaining forever in silos or source systems.

Customizing your analyses and reports is a hassle - not only do you have to understand how to interpret an analysis you also need to know how to set it up.

Outdated HR Approach. HR’s role as strategic business partner is underdeveloped limiting collaborative efforts and strategic progress with areas such as Finance.

Relying on own competence, perhaps without support of HR, tech & data experts.

With Talytic

Empowered decision-making. Talytic solutions are self-service and allow you to explore your questions from many angles.

Harmonized and integrated data with any HR or business system.

Standard set of metrics that simplify and elevate the analysis process.

Unified source of truth that simplifies collaboration between departments such as HR & Finance.

Solution that guides you in analysis even if you are not sure where to start.

HR enabled as data-driven leaders and strategic partners who drive the business forward, since insights are easily uncovered on the impact of HR efforts on business metrics.

Supported by a team of industry leaders and experts with years of experience in HR, tech and data domains.

tailored services

Your data partner within HR and People Analytics

Our mission is to empower organizations to make informed decisions and drive meaningul change in their workforce strategies. Discover the power of Talytic and transform your HR operations today!

Analysis & Strategy

Manually designed studies for business critical goals

KPI definitions, processes, evaluations & conclusions

Action plans and business case simulations

Data Science & Engineering

Data migrations and mapping

Population or creation of missing/lost data

Structuring and Quality Assurance

Design and development of data pipelines

Predictive modeling to forecast trends, and detect patterns

Operations & Project Management

Development of operational strategy and processes

Education and learning curriculums for employees

Project & Change management

Get ahead of the curve, 
gain competitative advantage

Talytic helps you become a data-driven organisation, utilizing AI and technology.

Gain industry know-how

Collaborating with Talytic offers the advantage of working alongside a seasoned team of data scientists, engineers, and HR specialists, thus eliminating the expensive and time-intensive task of gathering and hiring specialized professionals in HR and Talent Acquisition.

Reach advanced level of data maturity

In just a few weeks, you'll attain advanced data maturity with custom made dashboards, a milestone usually reached by organizations with dedicated data scientists, engineers, and software developers.

A passionate team striving for excellence

Welcome to Talytic, a dynamic team of experts with decades of collective experience in Talent Acquisition, Data Science, and People Analytics from industry-leading companies such as Ericsson, Klarna, Adway, King, Cornerstone, and more. Our deep-rooted passion for the industry drives us to continuously innovate and empower organizations like yours to thrive in today’s data-driven and AI-based world.

At Talytic, we believe that every business has the potential to excel by harnessing the power of its people and talent data. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge People Analytics solutions that provide actionable insights tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

Talytic helps you streamline your recruitment process, boost employee engagement, and optimize workforce strategy, and our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Join us in reimagining the future of HR!

Data-Driven Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition strategy involves a long-term plan to find and attract suitable candidates for current and future job openings, focusing on aligning recruitment with organizational goals.
A data-driven approach enhances decision-making, improves the quality of hires, accelerates the recruitment process, and optimizes recruitment marketing efforts.
Data can identify successful hiring channels, predict future hiring needs, and provide insights into candidate experiences, helping refine and improve recruitment strategies.
Yes, by analyzing recruitment data, organizations can identify the most cost-effective channels and strategies, reducing overall hiring expenses.
Technology, especially AI and analytics tools, plays a crucial role in processing and interpreting data to make informed recruitment decisions.
Success can be measured by metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, quality of hire, and retention rates, all of which can be optimized using data-driven insights.
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